Moodle – Quiz timeouts

Issue: Student opens a long quiz in Moodle, opens the page and starts working on the quiz.  If nothing gets sent to the server within 2 hours (limited by admin config and mysql session.gc_maxlifetime) then the student gets a timeout message and all data is lost. 

Fix: Fix appears to have the student “send something” to the server to keep session alive.  So I added the text below to warn students to do something.  This appears at the top of all quizzes.

Location: /mod/quiz/attempt.php

around line 490 add:

/// Warning
echo ‘ <div style=”margin-left:50px; margin-right:50px;”>PLEASE READ:   There is a <b>2 HOUR session inactivity timeout</b> build into this course.  This means that you must select the <b>Save without submitting</b> or <b>Submit all and finish</b> buttons at the bottom of this quiz page within a 2 hour window, otherwise, your work will be lost.  Alternatively, the 2 HOUR session limit is also reset  EACH time you  load the next quiz page, or load any other page or item from any of the courses.  NOTE: Simply selecting quiz answers <b>DOES NOT</b> reset the 2 hour time limit.</div> ‘;

Looks like this now:

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